Frequently Asked Questions

Question One

A limited liability company, or LLC, is a business entity created under state laws which has the characteristics of both a corporation and a partnership. Like a corporation, the owners of an LLC are not personally liable for business debts. Like a sole proprietorship or partnership, an LLC has operating flexibility and is a pass-through entity for tax purposes. This means the LLC's profits are passed through and taxable to the owners of the LLC.

Question Two

Will refunds be granted if my outcomes are not successful?

All sales are final. If you have unforeseen circumstances, please send an email to We do not guarantee placement or admissions to a particular institution.  

Question Three

How will consulting meetings be conducted?

This will be up to the client. A travel fee may be added if in-person engagements happen. This will be at the discretion of the counselor or speaker.

Question Four

How do I make cancellations of an existing appointment?

Please follow-up with the scheduler via-email to cancel your appointment at least 48 hours in advance. A 50% refund of payment will be returned if you cancel within the 48-hour time frame.

Question Five

What should I bring to my consultation session?

Please bring the on-boarding document to the session on the day of your appointment. This document will be sent to you via-email before your assigned consultation. Additionally, you should bring any documents necessary for your session.

Question Six

How do I book speaking engagements, professional developments, or workshops?

Please email the company direct email at for price, calendar scheduling, and leadership development growth sessions.

Question Seven

What is the price of your services?

All cost will be discussed at the time of booking. We will follow-up with pricing sheet and services.

Question Eight

Can Tre Talks help with leadership development and growth endeavors such as resume redefining and professional development?

Absolutely, we are here to help adults or aspiring students to reach new heights in their life. We are committed to providing positive results and transformational change. Ideally, we will help you with your needs as it pertains to restructuring your resume or enhancing your organization development and processes.